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Kreyol korner Catering

Let's take your event up a notch, you invite the guests, chef Nahika will set the table! You will be provided with a fully curated experience for your event. From tablescape to a themed menu, send your inquiry and details will be discussed. Self serve or full service catering is available for any event.

Meet Chef Nahika

Hosting – Cooking – Cultural Pride
Nahika Hillery is a Haitian-American chef who comes from a family of avid cooks and a true love for hosting amazing parties. Nahika’s palate was trained at a young age, and she learned to appreciate the elements of good cooking. Although Nahika began cooking in her early 20’s, once she started, it came natural to her. Nahika came to love the flavor profiles of her home: full of spices, with balanced seasoning, and influences from a number of cuisines types and styles. She decided to turn these early experiences with food into something more than cooking with and for friends and family at home. It all started with opening the first Haitian food truck and catering service in Austin, TX. She was adamant about connecting people to Haiti through her take on the staple dishes, lively beats of Caribbean music, and the eye-catching mural of Haiti painted on her food truck. Over the years, she received numerous opportunities to expand her culinary realm.
She has now partnered with a meal prep service, CookUnity, which allows her to share her menu in multiple cities. Lastly, venturing into becoming an influencer of all things food, providing you a nomadic culinary experience. Stay for the ride!

Food Network Series “A Taste of Haiti” featuring Chef Nahika